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ECO MIDORI SDN BHD - EcoMidori is a foray into agriculture by Mr Edmond Liew who saw the potential of agarwood as an investment. Starting with a few hectares, he traveled extensively throughout South-East Asia wherever agarwood existed to gain a first-hand experience in cultivating, nurturing, enhancing, inoculating and harvesting the plant. He found the most suitable type of agarwood for the local terrain and weather, formulated a special bio-fertilizer for optimal growth, and contracted the best technologists for the inoculation process.


Mr Liew has appeared numerously in magazines, newspapers and even on television, and is considered one of the foremost local expert on agarwood. He is regularly consulted on by planters and investors on his formulae for best yield-return combination. A number of technical advisors form the backbone of EcoMidori to provide the latest information and techniques on usage of related material on the plants to produce the best agarwood products.


EcoMidori is an active proponent of corporate social responsibility, using only environment-friendly materials and practices, and contributes regularly to the welfare of numerous organizations in addition to the preservation and development of agarwood.




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Eco Midori is dedicated to a sustainable environment through the planting and harvesting of agarwood trees which will reduce deforestation and creating medium-term products that increases the returns for small and medium-scale land owners & planters.


At Eco Midori our goal is to reduce the world’s dependency on agarwood sourced from the wild and creating opportunities of social enterprise for the needy in our communities.


Eco Midori is a proud founding member of the Asia Agarwood Club.




While traveling around South Asia and South-East Asia in 2007, Edmond Liew was first introduced to the mystical fragrance that agarwood extrudes and he became enameled. Through dedicated research in many countries over the years, he was convicted to introduce the latest and most effective method of harvesting this Black Gold of the Forest.


Joined by Jasmine Chee, they embarked on promoting this industry to Malaysian small-scale land-owners, planters & corporate organizations who seek a short- to medium-term investment with high returns. At the same time, they were driven to make charity one of the pillars of Eco Midori.


Eco Midori markets the highly-sought Sinensis & Subintegra hybrid gaharu breed that produces the best agarwood resin and is the exclusive supplier of EcoAgarwood enhancer, Eco compost & Eco Soil enhancer for agarwood land remediation and plant growth.




Mr Edmund Liew: Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With a corporate career spanning 18 years, including for multi-national companies, Edmond is the corporate face of Eco Midori SB.


Ms Jasmine Chee: Co-Founder & Director

An international speaker and lifestyle coach, Jasmine brings to Eco Midori network and marketing expertise.


Mr. Liew Cheet Peng: G.M.

An expert in replanting services. He is an approved vendor for few major corporations such as:

IOI, EPL, KL Kepong & Sime Darby Plantation.


Mr. Liew Kim Hoi: G.M.

An expert in plantation management who has more then 30 years of experiences.


Mr. Chong Woon Wha: G.M.

An expert in inoculation management. He has vast experiences on inocution over the wild & cultivated agarwood trees.




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